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yeah femboy kom whatever lol give me a better picture instead...

About myself

Full Username: Komfudo Richman

Age: 19 years old

Location: Germany

Interests: Making different stuffs like random programming (i'm still a noob), hosting to try stuff out, just everything Computer related.

Personality: In Real Life i'm mostly introverted and also just silent because i'm not a fan of direct communication but i'm still trying. In The Internet i'm just a cute and kind femboy hehe... If you dislike it then fine, everyone has they opinions as long you're not trying to annoy me because i guess cry about then.

little bio: ok, hi i'm Komfudo well known as Pingaskid Ultragaming also well known as Zero21Z i'm a Pansexual Autistic german person with a Turkish migration background (ugh, this was long) Femboy (Internet only). And i'm doing different stuffs because i never get stuff finished honestly. I do like everyone, mostly on feminine people and cute people :3. I'm a fan of older Tech stuff and i love my wii u and also my childhood DS Lite. Don't worry i also like my 2ds. What i really wish is just to have friends it least in IRL because i wanted to be happy or it least a relationship because i want someone to cuddle me, be kind and cute everyday.

My contacts are down there:

Email: [email protected] (i rarely use it and probably need a new email)

My Mastodon account: @Komfudo

My Youtube: Komfudo

My Discord account (open for DMs): komfudo (discord has no longer the discriminator so i don't know if you can find me.)

Would be happy if you want me to contact me :3.

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Komfudo arts by Pumpkin